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Cloud Web Apps

Cloud Web Apps

We develop simple, easy-to-use and fast web applications for many kinds of software projects. We speak the language our customers understand and do our best to solve their software challenges.

We use proven and trusted application libraries to create our web user interfaces and server side programming is done with the world renowned PHP language combined with CodeIgniter PHP framework for increased speed

All software we develop can be adapted to smaller screens as well. This method is called a responsive design and our web apps can work with tablet and mobile phone screens as well, depending on the customer needs and requirements.

Cleverhill Web Apps

SaaS Software

Software is changing fast and development methods, devices and even the ways of working are under a constant change. The lifecycle of software is getting increasingly shorter and the versioning business model has become old fashioned.

We offer you something different; SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. We build the application you need with our software components and rent the application to you. You have sole rights to use the application, but due to the nature of SaaS development, we will remain the owners of the actual code.

As our components improve, your application benefits as well, without any extra costs.

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Cleverhill Hosted Apps

Cloud Hosting

Our SaaS based development approach provides us an unique possibility to host the applications for our customers as well. Our cloud instances are located in Luxembourg, in the middle of Europe with excellent network connections to Europe and beyond

We provide automatic snapshot backups, advanced cache mechanism with improved speed, dedicated resources for your own private or public web application.

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